Private Investigator Services in London

Our private investigators have extensive experience in a range of evidence-gathering services. We have the expertise, knowledge and specialised equipment needed to uncover even the most hidden or suppressed truths.

Hire a Private Investigator for a Range of Evidence Gathering Services

We specialise in private investigator services that deliver documented evidence you can use in a variety of legal settings. We have perfected these services over many years in the field — using state-of-the-art evidence-gathering equipment and our collective expertise.

At PD Detectives, we take a fresh approach to every client’s case. We then create bespoke evidence-gathering solutions based on our vast experience of private investigations in London. To discuss your requirements in detail, call us on 020 8079 2862 and speak to one of our highly experienced private detectives.

Private Detectives in London — Delivering Premium Services for Individuals and Businesses

Cheating Partners

We utilise a range of methods — including surveillance and vehicle tracking — to gather evidence of infidelity within marriages and civil partnerships. We then compile detailed reports of the evidence we find that our clients can use in a variety of legal proceedings. We understand that this scenario can be distressing for everyone involved, which is why all our private investigators in London work compassionately and discreetly at all times.

Bug Sweeps

Our fully trained and experienced private detectives in London have the know-how and equipment needed to find various bugging devices planted without your knowledge. Whether it’s a GPS tracker, a discreet camera or a sophisticated eavesdropping device, we will ensure it’s located as quickly as possible.


Whether you need to gather evidence of a business’s or individual’s actions, we have the resources and expertise to deliver around-the-clock monitoring of the subject. We work for a variety of clients in this area, including individuals who suspect their spouses of adultery and businesses that suspect their competitors of corporate espionage.

Vehicle Tracking

Our private investigators in London use the latest GPS vehicle tracking technology to document the precise movements of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. We can place a discreet GPS tracking device in your vehicle and then track its movements with precision. At the end of the agreed tracking period, your assigned private investigator will issue a full report of the vehicle’s movements.

We use this technology for a range of purposes, including gathering proof of infidelity and identifying employee misconduct.

corporate private investigators london

Corporate Investigations

We work with businesses across London to identify professional misconduct, fraud and theft in all its forms. The detailed evidence reports we provide have already helped countless businesses to protect their assets and interests. As part of our corporate investigation, we call upon a range of services, including vehicle tracking, due diligence investigations, background checks, counter-surveillance and personal injury surveillance.

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Data Recovery

Whether it’s stolen, corrupted or accidentally deleted, lost data can have a catastrophic impact on a business. With our data recovery services, you may be able to salvage some or all of your data and save your business from significant financial losses. We provide data recovery services in London for a wide range of clients. Our specialists have developed effective ways to recover data from memory sticks, computer hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, tapes and various mobile devices.

process serving london

Process Serving

Serving legal documents involves a range of protocols that must be followed in order to satisfy a judge or magistrate. Our process servers in London have been serving legal papers for many years, so they know all the ins and outs of what the law requires. We can serve legal documents to almost any address in London for your peace of mind. We have various tried-and-tested methods of handing such documents directly to individuals to ensure smooth, legally compliant processes.

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People Tracing

For people tracing in London, we’re one of the most tested private detective agencies in London. Our professional people tracers utilise a combination of know-how, experience and investigation equipment to locate everyone from missing persons to habitual debtors. Whether you’re trying to contact an old friend from school or a missing business partner, we have the skills and tools you need.

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Hire a Private Investigator in London with In-Depth Knowledge of the City

The reason why PD Detectives is one of the most trusted detective agencies in London is our forensic knowledge of the city. We’re Londoners, so we know every square inch of the capital in microscopic detail. When we provide the services listed above, we call upon this knowledge to deliver faster, more accurate results. To find out more, speak to one of our private investigators in London by calling us on 020 8079 2862.